The only doggie bag I ever take home from a restaurant is from a great steak that I simply cannot finish. Any left over steak can and does turn into any number of lunch specials, including steak sandwiches from left over Grilled Flank Steak, Steak Flat Bread, Steak Salad or even a Steak Pizza, just to mention a few.

Steak Sandwiches are really simple, just toast some sliced baguette, spread the toast with a bit of mayonnaise, add some left over roasted veggies, lots of fresh ground pepper and kosher salt. Lunch is ready.

Steak Salad is a little bit more work, and I often make it for our lunch, but it also works well for a casual dinner with friends. I once served Steak Salad for dinner after having played a round of golf with friends. We all met up at our house after our golf round for drinks and dinner. In preparation for the dinner, I had boiled the potatoes and sautéed the onions and peppers before we left for our game. I even sliced up the left over steak so all I had to do when we were ready to eat was chop of some Romaine lettuce and use it as the base on a platter. Then, I topped the lettuce with the room temperature boiled potatoes, sautéed onions and peppers and finally added the left over steak slices.

The last ingredient was a generous drizzle of Zesty Italian Dressing, which you can get it at most grocery stores, and honestly, I think Kraft is better than home made in this instance. I added some toasted baguette slices to finish the dish.

As I brought the platter to the table to serve family style, one of my guests turned to his wife, and jokingly said ‘take notes’ this looks good. And it is, and can certainly be the star of the show for a casual make-ahead dinner.

Another easy solution is Steak Pizza. After steaks one night recently, I made a steak pizza. Just use your favorite barbecue sauce (I like Bull’s Eye, Original)  instead of pizza sauce and add a few ingredients you probably have on hand, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, thinly sliced red onion, whatever you have and whatever you feel like.

Left over steak is perfect for any number of tasty dishes, and they seem to be endless, so bring home that left over steak from eating out.

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