Your Impressions….

Many friends and associates have written to me over the last several months to share their impressions of Inspired Cuisine. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and sometimes re-reading their thoughtful words and observations. I thought that you too would enjoy seeing some of their messages so I have included a few in this post. There is more to come, but in the meantime, please share Your Impressions with us through your observations and comments.


“…Thank you for including me in your list. I will be very much interested in your recipes as I know they will be delicious. I have always shared your approach: do it well or don’t do it at all. Although my best is not in the same orbit as yours. 

Very best wishes with your new food blog! What a great idea. Have fun with it. I just took a quick look and it looks predictably great. Nice format. Excellent photos. We have never had Tourtiere.  Yours will be the recipe I make at long last…”


“…I should have written this email to you… to let you know how very impressed I was by your blog/ website.

Your recipes look very tempting and very interesting.  The text of your personal remarks, the presentation of the recipe ingredients and procedures, and the photographs are all wonderful.  Your emails are the quality of a fine professional publication.  From our conversation, I thought this was a hobby for you, meaning something amateur in nature, but the emails that you’re producing are more than excellent.  Not to mention, they are a pleasure to read and they certainly provide food for thought.

Now, for all I know, you are a professional cook, writer, and/or photographer….or just a person of many talents.  My thanks for putting me on your mailing list…”

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