Easter may be a challenge for a lot of people this year.

If you are surrounded by family, it will likely be a noisy, communal affair. If your kids are spread around the country or the world, you may be celebrating with your other half or on your own, so it may still be noisy but perhaps via video conferencing. Or, you may opt for a virtual Easter Sunday meal, as many people are doing with their friends for birthdays, cocktails, or just to get a dose of social interaction. Whatever your circumstance, make the day special.

My suggested menu for Easter Sunday, of course, includes lamb. From what I have seen, lamb is still available, as is butter, lemons and frozen peas in the grocery stores. So, as part of your essential trip to get your necessities, I urge you to buy and cook, for you, your pair or your family.

If you are a savory cook, the soup and the lamb will appeal, if you are a baker, then hopefully the tart will give you some inspiration.

As much of my inspiration comes from outside influences, whether restaurants, markets, friends, for the time being, I have reverted to leafing through my age old cook books for inspiration, many of them French, some Indian, American, Hungarian, Canadian and more, and I am again re-reading many of the recipes I made in the past. I am also discovering some old recipes which now have new appeal. Plus, I have some recipes from friends and hope to be able to try these in the coming weeks.

My suggested menu for Easter Sunday….


French Spring Pea Soup


Rack of New Zealand Lamb

French Peas, Tarragon and Bacon


Lemon Honey Tart

Hope you cook and enjoy…


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