There is a street called Orange. This is a street which we often use to get from our place on the key into town. It is a tree lined narrow street (full of speed bumps) with beautiful old, and new homes, some of which have spectacular gardens and flowering shrubs which reach into both their private yards and the street.

This is bougainvillea season, and for some reason, the neighborhood on Orange has an abundance of bougainvillea.  So today was one of those days that when we finished our ‘outs and abouts’ we came home on Orange. I had planned to stop on a side street so I could capture some images of these glorious plants and I was not disappointed. It is definitely their season, although they will flower all spring here.

When we first started to spend months, rather than weeks in Florida, I had visions of having a terrace full of these gorgeous plants. But that was not to be. I had even tried wintering these beautiful plants after a summer of glorious blooms back in Ontario. But no, these plants need warmth and cannot be confined.

These are free form plants if ever there were any. They will form perfect arches of flowers, if allowed to grow freely, or will behave, if you want to clip them into hedges. But, they have to be free in space where the petals blow away as new ones grow.

So, images will have to do, some things are better, or as good, from afar.

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