There is always left over Thanksgiving or Easter ham. No matter how well you plan, you always have way too much and then you have to figure out how to use it in creative ways.

I certainly had this happen to me recently so I went back to some favorites and created a couple of new recipes to make use of these wonderful, flavorful bites. Some are spring favorites, and others are a little hardier, so perfect for cool fall days.

Here are my suggestions for you.

Hungarian Ham and Navy Bean Soup

French Spring Pea Soup

Bucatini with Spring Peas, Ricotta, and Smoked Ham

Ham, Cheese and Spinach Frittata

Ham and Cheese Tarte


Ham, Onion, Green Pepper and Cheddar Frittata

They are all delicious and you can make them for either a lunch or a dinner. Enjoy!

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