There will be more to come about my tiny urban garden, but the planting is done!

When I was planting, I thought for a moment that we had transitioned from spring to early summer, but I got fooled again. There is no spring in Toronto, we have cool and wet, and then summer. We are back in the cool and wet and we need warmth for these tiny plants grow and to show their beauty!

Still, my hard work is done. It only took two trips to the garden center and another two to get composted garden soil and pro-mix for the planters.

The garden maintenance crew is scheduled for today to finally do the spring clean up. This means getting rid of leaves and other stuff that has blown in from the street, trimming the ivy so it doesn’t take over the walkway and spreading the garden soil and mulch on the garden beds.

So now, it’s up to Mother Nature to do her magic.

Stay tuned for the big summer reveal!

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