I’m a little behind as this was a photo of a branch from my ornamental pear tree a couple of weeks ago, but things move so quickly in the spring.

Spring turns to summer in a flash and so will recipes and favorites. I have noticed a swing in what we like to eat already. I have actually dusted off our BBQ and used it on a couple of sunny and warm days. Warm days are welcome!

We will be bringing out our patio furniture in the next week or so as we will be hosting a family get together soon. Luckily the weather will hold, and we will be able to host an urban indoor/outdoor event. This will be a challenge this year as the family is growing and we will have children, second generation attending.

The ‘birthdays’ as we came to call it, was a tradition started by my mother-in-law as my husband and his two siblings were all born within two weeks and several years apart. It was a good reason to get together, and it still is.

I will write about birthdays in my next post, in the meantime, this was such a pretty sight, that I just had to capture and post.




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