It is spring in Ontario.

It has to be as I have installed my pansies in their customary containers, and have started to gather my gardening materials. The start this year is a couple of bags of black mulch.

This seems to be a never-ending project. Each spring I top up the garden beds with mulch and each fall the gardeners seem to blow most of it away with their leaf blowers. Is this the circle of life?

At the moment it’s raining and forecasted to rain all day and all night and then again, the next day.

I don’t have to water the pansies and the mulch will wait.

Each year I wait a little longer to plant my annuals. In times past I was the first at garden centers at the end of May always afraid that the best blooms and varieties would be gone if I waited until June. Over time, I have moved to June as the soil is warmer and the plants are not all sold on May 31. The options and choices are still there, and the plants do that much better with warm soil and warm weather.

This year I will buy what looks good and plentiful, I have no idea what, but as always, it will be a welcome addition to our urban garden.


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