As we all know, supermarket packaging is never designed for two people. As there are two of us for most meals, I invariably have something left over from dinner the night before. These leftovers often make a delicious lunch the next day.

This time it was a half a dozen morsels of souvlaki, some roasted red onions and a lot of the souvlaki marinade remaining. This marinade actually doubled as a salad dressing for the Greek salad I made to go with the souvlaki.

I don’t have photos of the lunch I made, but I have to tell you what I made out of these tasty bites.

It is worth writing about.

To start, I cut thin slices from half of a demi-baguette, I cut 7 slices. I then poured a bit of the reserved marinade on the plate from the left-over souvlaki. This still had the pan juices from the pork, yum. I mixed it around a bit and then dunked one side of the baguette slices in the marinade/pan juices and then broiled the slices, with the dunked side up, just until the bread was nice and toasty. I only toasted one side.

I topped each toasted slice with a few slivers of roasted red onion and topped the roasted onion with a few thin slices of souvlaki. I then drizzled a bit more of the marinade over the sliced pork and seasoned each slice with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

If you have some tomatoes and cucumbers left over, toss a small portion of Greek Salad with the marinade and serve it on the side.

I thought this preparation was noteworthy, a little different and delicious.

Skewer-less Greek Souvlaki
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Greek Salad
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I like working with leftovers as almost always, they make a perfect lunch the next day. Try it with my recipes for Souvlaki and Greek Salad, a great combo.

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