We had a Grilled Pork Tenderloin for dinner last night with a side dish of Confetti Couscous. You are seeing what I cook for the two of us nowadays.  But socializing is just beginning to come back, so you may see some menus for entertaining soon!

We, and some of our friends are fortunate enough to have received the prescribed two doses of the vaccine, so this means that some of us can actually get together again, indoors. Hooray! Finally we can entertain, make a meal, sit around our dining table and start to get back to what normal was over a year ago.

Without speeding past these upcoming dinner parties, I really, sincerely, look forward to next year at this time!

In the meantime, the dinner last night was delicious, with ample leftovers for lunch today. Just a crunchy baguette, sliced tenderloin and the dipping sauce from last night. Yum!

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