I was amazed at the profussion of cone flowers at our golf club recently. I never realized how beautiful a mass planting of these incredible flowers can be. In comaprison, my three plants were pretty, but nothing like the setting at the golf course.

For sure you need the space, and the dollars, because each of these plants costs a fair amount, relatively speaking. Theory has it that you can grow Echinacea from seed collected after the flower has been spent and plant begins to wilt, or you can devide mature plants to propagate. Still, it would take a lot of plants over a lot of years to produce this kind of showing.

If you do have the space and all the other components to create this garden, make sure that you allow a set back, as these beautiful plants are best viewed from a distance. Like so many other perennials, these Echinacea are truly beautiful from far away. Their blooms are also a reminder that summer, sadly, will not last forever.

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