Frisée can only really be made with frisée, although recently I have been trying baby escarole. Neither seem to be readily available at my local grocer.

As we had a craving for our favorite Frisee salad, we decided it was time to take a trip to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Sarasota on the off chance we would find this very special and distinctive lettuce.

Our first destination was Whole Foods as we have had some success in this store, but no, not this time.

We should have known that the Market would be crowded, it is a favorite place for dog walkers and families with children in strollers.

We were not disappointed as both groups were well represented, as were many additional tourists who flock to the market on week-ends.

Friends go every Saturday for the atmoshpere and the breakfast sandwiches from their favorite food truck.

Normally you can walk the market and stop at various stalls without standing in line, but we are now ‘in season’ and everyone is travelling again, so it was crowded.

It was even difficult to navigate at times, non-one seems to know where they are going, but we persevered and headed to the best produce market stall.

Much to my very pleasant surprise, I found giant heads of frisée! I could not resist the radishes and it cost all of $5.00 for both.

I know I have asked this vendor more than once if they ever had frisée and each time the answer was no. Today, she said that they always have frisée!

Maybe they sell out early, I would imagine that restaurants go early, and so will we. Parking will be much easier, and we will not have to dodge the dogs and baby carriages.

Anyway, so happy. Guess what lunch was…we could eat this every day!

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