For me as for everyone else, seasons dictate what foods we prepare. But, this is a bit of a quandary for me as I spend summers in Toronto and winters in Sarasota, which means that I have very short winters (as we usually head south in November),  and longish summers. This seriously limits the ‘winter, hearty and comfort food’ menus to maybe a month or so in duration while in Toronto and the rare cold (60 degree) days in Sarasota. And I love winter food!

This leveling of seasons also affects my recipe selections as those folks living in warmer climates would not be really interested in the heartier fare, but on the other hand, the folks living with snow and freezing rain may not appreciate a light salad or grilled steaks!

So, I have decided that the only way to deal with this is to share recipes based on the temperature outside, rather than the actual season.  I hope that everyone will find recipes that entice them. I guess I am a northerner at heart and every ‘cold’ day in Florida gets the hearty food need going, while the warm sunny days prompt me to prepare meals that are light and fresh.

The photo is from the Farmer’s Market in Sarasota, it’s middle of the road, fall, not summer, but pretty.






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