We came home from Pilates just before noon and (ho hum) nothing for lunch, at least nothing without cooking. So, sandwiches, but as we were settling in we caught the last 5 minutes of Barefoot Contessa, where she was just putting the garnish on something that was red with eggs nestled in the red sauce.

So, talk about inspiration. Red, eggs, hummm. I didn’t feel like sandwiches, so what do I have?

Jimmy Dean sausage meat, left over quick tomato basil sauce, red and green bell peppers, feta cheese, sounded like another dish made out of left over red sauce!

This is my version of Shakshuka, talk about flavor. Maybe I was really hungry, but my husband is the barometer of good food, and he ate it all!

You don’t need left over red sauce, but you do need the other ingredients. I suppose you could use a store bought red sauce, there are so many, but it is so easy to make and you can re-purpose in many ways. I have used the sauce over baked potatoes and left over meat balls, on now this. I’ll probably come up with more as time goes on, but try this, it is really good!



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