As my husband says, not every mouthful can be well balanced.

We took advantage of a beautiful, and arguably the last patio day this season, to sit outdoors for lunch at the Rebel House.

It was a classic fall day, high bright skies, brilliant sunshine and the kind of day that made eating outdoors fun. We missed the last seating on the back patio by 5 minutes and were seated instead on Yonge Street, literally in the right hand lane, only separated by a very thin bamboo divider from roaring traffic. Not as idyllic as it might have been.

As I remarked to a friend, it was reminiscent of corner bistros in Paris as we had the motorcycles, street cleaners, delivery trucks, never mind the SUV’s all in hurry, whizzing by us. But in Paris, we sat on the sidewalk, often just barely wide enough for a table and chairs, but a sidewalk nonetheless. Here we really did have lunch in the right hand lane, with the yield sign directly behind us, merging traffic into the left lane around us.

We were first to be seated in the  ‘on the road’ section, but not for long.  No one seemed to mind, including us, as the remaining four tables in the road section were quickly filled. Amazing what you can get used to.  And oddly enough, everyone in the ‘road’ section ordered Grilled Cheese and Pea Meal…

Definitely not a well balanced bite, but yeah for pub food! I didn’t make it and it tasted really good!

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