There is nothing hugely different or unique about this recipe for Blanquette de Veau other than this recipe has been made in the same way using the same ingredients since it was first developed in 1867. Amazing how the French have a way of preserving and perpetuating recipes.

If this isn’t a reason to try making Blanquette de Veau, then the reason must be because it is delicious, comforting, and of course timeless.

The only ‘look out for’ is the white veal. I am usually lucky enough to find white veal in an ‘Italian’ neighborhood grocery, but if you are fooled into buying what you think is white veal, then just allow more time to cook. Not unlike the timing for a beef stew. The veal must be very tender for this dish to be perfect.

You can serve it with rice, pasta, potatoes or maybe some homemade spaetzle, easy or a little more work, any one of these side dishes is a nice compliment. Just add a side salad and you have a perfect Sunday Night Dinner.


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