Our Favorite Local...the Rebel House. Our mission was actually the local grocer for some ingredient or other, but it took us past our favorite neighborhood pub, and lo and behold, who did we see but our favorite “publicans” at the door. This was earlier in the spring and they were there for take out orders from the week-end walkers going by their place.

It reminded us that this was our usual Friday lunch destination and how fortunate we were to have found this convivial, truly neighborhood pub! I’m not sure, but we may have taken someone’s place at the bar as we usually arrived early, pre-pandemic.

The fare is typical pub, although there is a lunch special which involves using Persian flatbread. This is a staple that is bought by one of the owners on a weekly basis and he buys the flatbread from Garni Bakery, Richmond Hill, a good 30 minutes from the city.  The flatbread is alternately soft and crusty, usually with seeds sprinkled on top. We have been to Garni to buy this great bread and I have included a lunch time flatbread recipe, but there are as many recipes as you have left overs in your fridge. It’s time to make that pilgrimage again.

I wondered then when we would be able to get our Friday cleaning lady back, Pilates classes re-started and finally, to take our seat at the bar on Fridays and say hi to all and sundry who go there!  Longing for those normal days to come back….


I wrote this post in early spring and somehow did not publish as there was just too much that we could not do and had no idea when we could. We have made some progress and now not all is totally gloom and doom, but we have a ways to go.

My cleaning lady is back, our pub patio is now open and indoor dining will be open (half capacity) soon. We have stopped in at our Pilates studio and are told they will start classes (half capacity) as soon as they can, hopefully soon. We also made the pilgrimage to Garni for some Flat Bread. The city will finally be semi-opening this weekend, carefully, cautiously, and at half capacity.

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