This recipe for Scrambled Omelet (or Tojas Rantotta) may be more meaningful to Europeans. Somehow Europeans eat a light breakfast followed by what used to be the midi-meal or the the mid-morning meal. The  midi-meal, which was eaten around 11 am and typically a savory dish, was followed by the main meal of the day at around 1 pm.  This held true even through the late 90’s when I visited family in Budapest.

I remembered all of this as my husband and I decided to have breakfast out one morning and I wanted something that was different than bacon and eggs. As it turned out (google is good for this kind of look-up) we found a restaurant with great reviews which served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The name of the (Hungarian) restaurant is Sunnyside Cafe on the north trail in Sarasota. The place was packed!  When asked if I would like the breakfast special, I recognized Tojas Rantotta after the first 3 words….

So, of course, I had to make it, and here it is. Glad that I found it again, there are so many more recipes that are lurking in the back of my mind. They will get mixed in with the new, traditional and favorite as time goes on.

Hope you enjoy!

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