Chicken recipes are endless, not quite as popular as shrimp is around the world (another issue that will be dedicated to shrimp) but unbelievably versatile. Chicken takes on any flavor that you give it, or alternatively, give the chicken nothing more than seasoning and the sides that you prepare will become the show.

This is one of those chicken recipes. Nothing terribly unusual, just a bit or fresh rosemary and salt and pepper for the chicken. I don’t even use butter or oil for frying, I just use a little vegetable oil in a non stick skillet , which I pre heat on a medium high setting to get the skillet nice and hot before searing and cooking the chicken.

No, the star of the show here is the Potato Galette and the French Green Peas. These two side dishes make the dinner a little special.

You will have to start the potatoes 30 minutes or so before you start cooking the chicken, but the French Green Peas will easily be prepared and cooked in time to serve the meal.

You should be able to go start to finish within 30 minutes, one of my golden rules for week night dinners. If it takes longer, then I will choose something that doesn’t, and if it is 7 pm, we go out.

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