We get up early…we also fold early. Not a heck of a lot to do these days. You can only watch Netflix and Prime so much. We have even rediscovered Jeopardy! And then there is the golf channel and the food network, that’s about it. I cook, photograph and write, edit and then edit, and then edit again.

We read (the news?) or what is being written. Not so much reported as most of it is opinion with 7×24 shows. Should these be changed to the Nightly Opinion Show? We are probably not too different to what most other people do to occupy their days.

Anyway, I always feel best first thing in the morning and being first on the golf course, only after the singles, is a real plus. Play at your own pace, no waiting, not much chatting, it is all good.

As all things which follow a routine, there is a natural order of things. We are either 1st or 2nd to tee off after the singles. This was one of these days, but after the time change. So our GPS is backlit, and you sure don’t need your sunglasses. It’s still dawn and the sun is about to break through.


It was just another glorious day, 70 degrees, no humidity, lots of sunshine, no wind. Sun was up by the third hole, ideal and absolutely perfect on the golf course, just the birds, and the singles and us.

By the way, we both made the green in regulation and parred. Nice start!

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