I found a new favorite steak. This one is called ‘sirloin cap steak’. It’s outstanding. It is more tender and juicy then even a filet mignon. The cut is the cap off the sirloin steak, sliced into 2″ thick strips.

The only seasoning that I used when I made it recently was my every day go to steak marinade. I usually marinate the steaks for about an hour, at room temperature, before grilling. The result is a tasty, tender and juicy steak.

I just served these wonderful steaks with 5 minute frozen French fries and topped them with Butter Sautéed Shallots,  and this was dinner.

The left overs made lunch today. I toasted sour dough bread, added a dollop of Hellman’s mayo, seasoned it with lots of black pepper and kosher salt and added some cornichons on the side. Yummm!

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