Last minute center pieces are usually from the local grocer, whatever seems fresh and seasonal. Hydrangea is a July/August flowering plant up north, but everything in the south seems to happen faster and now that it’s late spring, maybe it’s the same as July.  Same as it was with corn and strawberries, which were on the menu for the lunch table set with this arrangement,

The arrangement was made with 6 stems of hydrangea, and a small white, low, wide mouthed vase with oasis to keep the stems from moving around. The oasis should be snug in the vase otherwise when you add water, the oasis will float and will not keep the stems secure. I cut the stems down to about 3-4″ to keep the overall height low to make it easy to see over the flowers. I kept the foliage that was left after I cut the stems down and used them to fill gaps left in spots by the blooms.

If watered, this arrangement will keep for more than a week so you can enjoy even after your party,

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