This was a brunch in better times but it is still worth writing about the day and friends and our menu.

We were all down south, northerners avoiding the cold and the wind, but as it happened, this was a January day on the Suncoast that may as well have been any day up north in the winter. We all were hunkered in our quilted coats trying to get away from the winds from the north for a few days, so it was a great opportunity to make brunch with a delicious hearty soup. And, as a nod to the  south, some retro scallops rounded out by the season’s best strawberries.

Everything is a little upside down here for us northerners, strawberry season starts in December and goes through to March.

I’m sure that we started with a glass of wine and some pinwheels I had made the day before.

Hors d’oeuvres

Pinwheels, Three Ways


Thai Curried Soup


Coquille St Jacques


Strawberry Shortcake

I know we enjoyed ourselves as we have for many, many years. Thinking of you friends, wishing you were here for another brunch and another pleasant aternoon.

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