First and foremost, this is not my image of the restaurant, I got it off the internet. Mostly because we were not planning to have dinner at the Fountain Kitchen and Wine Bar and I hadn’t planned on taking pictures.

We decided to have dinner at the Fountain as Owen’s Fish Camp, our original destination and just around the corner, would have been a two hour wait for a table, no reservations accepted. There were people all around the restaurant hanging around, sitting on garden walls, ledges or wherever they could find, waiting for tables. We have to try Owen’s during the off season as the menu sounds fantastic but it’s crazy busy in March.

The Fountain Kitchen…

The restaurant is located in Burns Court and it is clearly a neighborhood restaurant. We have actually eaten here before. It was a couple of years ago on a Sarasota cold winter day. We were waiting for a shop to open just down the street and had some time to fill, so we decided on a quick lunch. I don’t remember what we had, but we did remember the restaurant so, as we were hungry and had no backup plan for Owen’s Fish Camp, we went across the road to the Fountain Kitchen.

It was crowded and service was slow, but this unintended dinner turned us on to the best pizza in Sarasota! The best is subjective, but they advertise the best in Sarasota and a large number of people eating there that night had ordered pizza.

We ordered a personal sized pepperoni pizza, meatballs, and brussels sprouts, all for sharing. The pizza was outstanding, their brussels sprouts are to die for! The meatballs (4 of them) are ample and a meal in themselves. The meatballs and the brussels sprouts were appetizers, I brought home some of everything.

I must admit, we did wait, a good 10 minutes for our beverages, and another 30-40 minutes for our meal, but amazingly, everything arrived piping hot. One of my two rules, timeliness and the meal has to be hot!

Would I go back?

Absolutely, when we crave pizza, we will go to Fountain Kitchen and Wine Bar. They are the best! And not to take anything away from the restaurant, they also have a fairly extensive menu which is well worth looking at if you go.

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