My freezer is filling up as grocery stores have taken to packaging for a family of 6 these days and that means that there is always some left over. Sometimes I cook it all and hope that I can find a purpose for it before I have to empty the fridge, never mind the freezer.

This time I had hamburger buns, bought 8 needed 2, meat balls, bought 12, used 6, bought 4 chicken breasts, needed 1 and I did make red sauce, but could only make it with a giant tin of tomatoes, hence left overs.

Sound familiar?

So, I saw something on Guy’s Ranch Kitchen called a ‘Broschetta’, which was made with left over buns, I think hot dogs, etc, so my version of the same kind of thing is Left Over Parm...everyone has pizza mozzarella, it tasted great!

I sliced the meatballs in half, quartered the chicken breast, placed 3 halves of meat balls on 2 buns the other bun was topped with chicken breast and I topped each with sauce.  I left the buns uncovered but placed the tops of the buns on a sheet pan along with the meat balls and chicken and covered all with a sheet of aluminum foil and heated in 375 over for 12 minutes. Uncovered, topped with a good amount of shredded mozzarella, turned the tops of the buns over and broiled it all until the buns were toasty golden and cheese was bubbly.





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