This year I went back to my favorite for Easter, Roast Leg of Lamb.

Not to say that you cannot have the roast at other times of the year, and for other special occasions, but this year, it was time to have that leg of lamb.

It’s almost as if it was worth the wait, it has to be four or five years or more since I’ve made it, because it was delicious! It’s always good, but this time it was extra delicious, or so it seemed.

The preparation is really simple, I use my tried and true formula. This starts with seasoning the roast with a ‘good’ amount of kosher salt. This means that you should see the salt on the roast, and all sides should be seasoned. I also insert garlic and slivers of rosemary under the skin for extra flavor. I then left the roast on the counter for up to four hours (or overnight, uncovered, in the refrigerater) and let is come to room temperature. This period ensures that the roast will absorb the seasoning and it will be actually be room temperature before you roast it.

We were craving another favorite, Gratin Dauphinoise Potatoes. We can never have enough, and I always make more because we love the left overs and it’s almost better the next day.

Dessert was something new, I tried the delightful and light Mille-Feuille for the finale.

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