Grocery shopping is never a truly great experience, although prior to this pandeminc, I would shop 2-3 times per week but often at markets and specialty shops instead of the weekly big shopping. My general habit was to either shop for what looked good or for a specific meal that I had planned.

In the first couple of weeks after the stay-at-home (except groceries, pharmacies and doctor appointments) edict, I thought that the best way to handle grocery store shopping was to buy for a week.

What a mistake! I now have a fridge full of stuff, for which I have no plan, but I do have meat, veg, fruit and herbs, none of which really work together. And, to top it off, if I do want to make use of what I have in my fridge, I find that I am invariably missing something.

This is both frustrating and wasteful, for me. If you have mastered the art of weekly shopping, I am jealous.

So I adapt. Grocery shopping is still weekly, but now mostly for staples, wine and household maintenance products. If something looks pretty good, I buy it, otherwise, we walk up to our local small grocer, butcher and fish store, and buy what we need.

No matter what, we stand in line. But, we walk to stand in line, which helps to replace the near daily Pilates routine, but it only helps a very little bit.

So, now I have a plan, we social distance (the local stores are small and will only allow 5 -10 people at a time (and ONLY ONE PERSON PER FAMILY!!!) but at least we get the exercise, some city fresh air, and I can plan again.

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