Miso Maple Salmon originated with a recipe that I found in one of the newspapers back in the day. The original recipe was actually for Miso Maple Sea Bass, which I did make as an appetizer at one of our dinner parties, but I have since adapted the marinade to salmon. No reason not to use with any other firm fleshed fish, for instance, Chilean Sea Bass or even Halibut.

The original Miso Maple Sea Bass recipe is from the renowned Toronto chef, Susur Lee.

The first that I tried using Miso was with the recipe for Miso Maple Sea Bass.  Interestingly, I have never tried making Miso Soup, which is a Japanese restaurant staple. Miso is a great ingredient and can be readily found at Whole Foods, Asian Markets and specialty (expensive) food stores.

When I first found it, it was a novelty. I now use Miso quite often and in particular with Miso Maple Salmon.


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