As I have written before, the fall offers up the most incredible colors.

I made these little arrangements in a couple of flip top lidded jars this time. The arrangement was just perfect for a casual lunch table setting. They will not last more than a week, but the colors are bright and very fall and ‘pumpkin’ey’, although no pumpkins this time. The last time I used real pumpkins for a centerpiece I left them on the table for a week, and unfortunately they leaked and damaged the table underneath. Lesson learned, always use a tray or plate for real pumpkins.

This arrangement was made out of a giant bunch of flowers, again from my local grocer and the bunch was just large enough to fill these two little jars. I only used the best blooms and did not really use any of the greens this time. The bouquet would normally be big enough to fill a decent sized vase, but if you want to create, you have to have material, otherwise it just looks too ‘manufactured’ or just not enough. I never know how it will work out, but I always start with the foundation pieces, and then build from there and just fill in all the gaps.

Looks pretty, don’t you think?


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