I even used “high-end” store bought Caesar dressing!

Not every meal has to be created from scratch. In fact, I also used rotisserie chicken, and “high-end” croutons. Since I’ve mentioned high end a couple of times, it would only be fair to say that high-end in this case, is Morton’s in Sarasota. They make their own croutons and they are excellent. Their Caesar Dressing is also pretty good.

This is again a ‘no recipe’ recipe, one Romaine heart, juice of 1/2 of  lemon, lots of black pepper, a bit of kosher salt, shredded chicken breast  (I used one half of a breast) from a rotisserie chicken and some freshly grated parmesan cheese. I usually buy a chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano, it lasts in the fridge for ages and in the long run, it is a lot less expensive than pre-grated Parmesan cheese. And of course, the store bought Caesar dressing. A couple of tips. If you are using left over chicken straight from your fridge, I suggest that you heat the shredded chicken (covered) in your microwave for a minute and then allow it to cool. It somehow does not taste so dry when you use it in your salad. Mix the Romaine, chicken, croutons, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, kosher salt and black pepper. Then just before serving, squeeze in the juice of a half of a lemon, toss, then add the dressing. I used three tablespoons of dressing for this amount of salad. And by the way, we had left overs. I seem to always make enough for three, when I want to make for two! Like I say, Ho-Hum Chicken Caesar, but it’s good, satisfying and relatively low cal.

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