I never ask for cooked shrimp from the fish counter by weight, I always just ask for two handfuls. Incidentally, this is roughly a pound, regardless of who grabs the shrimp.

I think it all started with one of the fishmongers who was a bit hard of hearing, and with Plexiglas barriers, face masks and machines whirring in his background, it just seemed easier to revert to a sign language of sorts. Now this is the way I order shrimp (minus the sign language), at this store, and probably elsewhere, if I were to buy shrimp.

Anyway, these 2 handfuls of shrimp make a perfect ‘skinny’ lunch. I make my own cocktail sauce as I really like the extra horseradish and Worcestershire sauce, and it only takes a minute.

A perfect warm (or cold) weather lunch bite!


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