I almost feel guilty about this section as making and serving lunch at home is both a pain and a blessing. A blessing, as I do not have to go to work (any more) and therefore have the time to plan. It can be fun to make lunch with left overs from a dinner you may have prepared earlier in the week. In fact, I often shop and plan meals with left overs in mind.

This is where the pain comes in, unless we go out for lunch (which I really like to do) then I must plan or else we wind up eating meals that are good, but bad for you, hot dogs, sausages, buns, etc…

Of course, always easy when you invite your friends, but not as easy if there is only two of you or maybe just one.

If you cook, look at the bright side, plan and buy for two meals, not necessarily back to back, and enjoy breaking out of the lunch time routine.

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