As you will see, desserts are not my long suit. I’m guessing because I am a savory cook through and through. Deserts also mean multiple mixing bowls, measuring spoons, counter top equipment, CHOCOLATE (which I love but is almost impossible to wash off anything) etc, etc.

So, I tend to make desserts because desserts are either a necessity (most men like to finish a meal with a dessert), or, because I see something or remember something and it’s Sunday afternoon and raining.

So, this leaves me with a challenge for each dinner party (I buy cookies from the grocery store to satisfy that sweet craving for the two of us, and of course, there’s always ice cream).

The dessert recipes I have included are all pretty simple, many don’t require baking, hence measuring, are not overly sweet and I think, look good. That’s pretty much it for my prerequisites for desserts, they have to look good, not be overly sweet, require the minimum in equipment and measuring and can be made in advance!

So, here’s an invitation to send me your favorite dessert recipe, (excluding fresh fruit or other berry like desserts). A photo would be great so I would know what it should look like when finished.

I like tarts…..and chocolate.

If I love your dessert,  I will include it on my website…


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