This is now a month after the ‘after’ pictures, but I thought a little trilogy of where I started to where I was in early June would be fun.

It all started in early May when I started gathering material and additional planters for the this year’s garden. I wound up buying 4 bags of garden soil, a couple of bags of pea gravel and 8 bags of pro-mix. All of this took about 3-4 trips to various stores, standing in line,

It all looked pretty bleak, some days the snow was still flying…

Everything looked gray and it seemed forever before the weather changed.Then, all of a sudden, Mother’s Day and Garden Centers opened and we were ready to plant annuals.

So more standing in line, social distancing and I was there, 7 baskets of Dragon Wing Begonias, 2/3 of a flat of Impatients, 7 Canna lilies, and I was ready to plant. 

I stopped taking pictures at this point because I got too excited about getting everything in the planters and wishing it all to grow. Fertilizer once every two weeks for 6 weeks works wonders, and of course, warm weather. We’ve had lots of that, so it all looks beautiful. A perfect setting for a patio party with a couple of friends.

I am already planning next year…


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