Your Impressions….

Many friends and associates have written to me over the last several months to share their impressions of Inspired Cuisine. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and sometimes re-reading their thoughtful words and observations. I thought that you too would enjoy seeing some of their messages so I have included a few in this post. There is more to come, but in the meantime, please share Your Impressions with us through your observations and comments.


“…… Wow!  This is terrific!  Very professional, beautifully laid out & your enthusiasm comes right through!

Really like the meticulous attention to detail, the little vignette/notes with each dish, and the tips that really express a command of the process.

I have friends (colleagues) from work who enjoy cooking (a lot), I’ll forward this out to them….”


“…..Your new endeavor looks great, very professional. I’m not cooking much but both [my daughter and wife] have commented very favorably.

Keep up the good work!….”


“….How nice to hear from you and how wonderful to see your food blog!  You are an exceptional cook and entertainment impresario!  Your dinners are show stoppers not only delicious but beautiful….Epicurious would agree!  Thank you for sharing this with me and I will certainly post your blog….”


“….Wow, this is so exciting and right up your alley!!  I just spent a few minutes perusing your website and it is fantastic.  You have put so much work into it and it shows.  Your recipes are superb, I can’t wait to try the lamb shanks one, and I love how you have done the picture layout along with the recipe for ease of following.  I have signed up for your newsletter too…..”




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