Predictably, everything has grown, not quite to the level of over gown, but close.  Certainly all the plants seem to be enjoying the heat and the sunshine.  Especially the canna lilies. They have multiplied and continuously put out huge red and yellow blooms. The lilies are now 5 to 6 feet tall, almost too tall to dead head.  Even my gardening service commented on how lush everything looked. The only secret, besides fertilizer in the spring, is to water daily.

The abundant sunshine, warmth and lack of rain made it really easy for us to entertain outdoors. We certainly made full use of our patio and our new patio set. We bought the set online (some assembly required, hummm) as all the stores were closed in the spring. I remember my husband commenting on how often we would use it (?), but, we certainly have.

But fall is beginning to creep in, some of the annuals are getting a little ‘leggy’, one planter just gave up so I replaced the coleus with grasses, and they now gently wave in the breeze. Quite a nice addition/replacement.

The weather is still great and we will continue to use this urban setting, getting increasingly private and continuing to grow, just as long as the weather lasts.


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