We arrived home a couple of days ago. The weather was fresh, to say the least.  A gusty wind from the north, a light rain and Saturday shopping. None of the aforementioned was great, but travel was not bad, we are getting closer to the ‘way it used to be’, sort of.

I was absolutely delighted to see that the daffodil bulbs I planted last fall all bloomed. They are truly beautiful and it just shows that I should plant another two or three batches this fall. The Yew hedges are a perfect backdrop for these lovely bright yellow flowers, and they don’t get lost like the ones that I planted in much larger gardens, back in the day. These are just close enough that they stand out. But I need more.

The foliage is bright green and lush on the Stella de Oro, they will bloom in May and spikes on the Hostas are beginning to show, they will unfurl in the next couple of weeks. The Ivory Silk Lilac bushes are just beginning to bud, they have a ways to go to be in full leaf. Because we were late coming home last year, I think missed the best ever showing of their beautiful white fluffy flowers. Hope they bloom again that way again this year!

In spite of the brisk weather, we had to make a separate stop to get my traditional annual baskets of pansies. These were a real bargain this year, four baskets for $10, I bought two. I usually just hollow out some soil from a couple of my planters and sink the baskets, container and all into the planters. They survive way past the end of May, when I usually plant annuals, and I am always a little sad to see them go. But for this time of year, they are perfect as they are hardy, colorful and adorable. And it will rain tomorrow, so no need to water.

Well, I guess I am on my way, I like puttering in the garden, nothing takes too long and these lovely little plants just show that someone cares. Coupled with my new daffodils, they are truly a sign of spring in Ontario.


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