Shore is a restaurant. They are a little upscale, but of course you can still get burgers and fries, but I wanted something a little upscale, and no burgers of fries. Sometimes I have a craving for something and once it’s in my head, it’s difficult to shake it loose.

This was one of those times, I wanted crab, or a lobster roll. Lobster rolls are becoming a rarity, many restaurants, to keep the price in this universe, are adding crab meat to fill out the roll. We used to get lobster rolls at our neighborhood dive bar under the bridge on LBK for under $20, now they are closer to $40, with lots of crab meat.

So I went with a crab cake, all crab, all delicious. I had even forgotten how pretty the plate was until I found this picture on my phone. It was all good, the salad the perfect side dish.

Shore, whether on St. Armand’s Circle,  or on the North Key, it is pretty good. We’ve been many times and will go again! Next season!


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