A friend recently asked me to add my Mother’s recipe for her Savory Cabbage Strudel Appetizer. I would often organize a dinner party with friends when she visited and sometimes she would add a dish that was unique and something that I hadn’t made before. On this occasion, my Mother added the Savory Cabbage Strudel and we served it as our first course, hot from the oven. I loved it, and so did our guests.

Since the process to assemble a savory strudel is identical to a sweet strudel, and since you never use up all of the phyllo dough in a package, I thought, why not make an apple strudel as well. This must be one of the easiest dessert recipes in the world, it has to be, because I made it, without a recipe!

So this became a two-fer, mostly because of the phyllo that would have been left over from the savory cabbage strudel.

You should give this a try, buy a few apples and make two for one!



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