I finally got around to making Baby Back Ribs with my own BBQ sauce and Spanish Rice a few days ago.  This combination is always made together, but invariably, a full rack of ribs is just too much for two people! So it’s always been in the fridge for a week and then out.

But, I finally have at least an answer, if not the answer, for the left over ribs. The sauce is never a problem it keeps in the fridge like ketchup, which means forever.

So the two for part, we were planning to watch Sunday Football and that usually means a simple meal, not a lot of preparation. Football Sundays also have a sort of ‘junk food’ feeling, so something pub’ish, or sports bar ‘ish.

So why not pulled pork sliders? I have made BBQ pork from a pork shoulder and roasted it for hours, then shred the pork, then the cooked BBQ sauce and all the trimmings. Had I not made this dish from scratch I would not have known that I could virtually replicate that great flavor from left over baby back ribs and BBQ sauce.

Well, here it is, the great left over rib savior, try it, it’s really good. All you need is slider buns and you have a great Sunday Football dinner.

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