Truly, then and now….

This was our home for almost 25 years. This was where we had black tie dinner parties for our friends, family Christmas Dinners, Easter, Thanksgiving, Summer Barbecues, Golden Wedding Anniversaries, Wedding Showers, too many events and occasions to count. Eventually, everyone grew up, had different lives and priorities, as did we, so we all changed.  We sold our wonderful home and we now divide our time between our downtown Toronto condo and our condo on the Suncoast.

Then …

This picture was actually taken on Christmas Day in 2005. When we woke up that day and looked outside the scene was a totally magical. Everything was perfect, like someone had sprinkled powdered sugar on all the trees and shrubs, including the snow on the lattice on the windows. Just like in story books. We had decorated throughout the house for the holidays. Every room was decked out in lights and fresh pine bows, ribbons and pots of white amaryllis and cyclamen, two of my favorites. We had three Christmas trees this particular year!

And now…

For the first time since we have been escaping the cold of the city over the last 10 years, I decided to decorate for the holidays on the Suncoast. I miss the smell of fresh balsam fir, my accumulation of beautiful ornaments, table decorations, vases, ribbons, wreaths to hang in the windows, candle sticks, silver and brass on the window sills. Especially when I look at my tiny meagre crooked faux Christmas tree.

We, like you, are still experiencing this extraordinary, unprecedented time, but with some hope. Personally, we have come through all of this unscathed and healthy, and while we would love to have celebrated this Christmas as we have others in the past, we are complete, we are two. Thank goodness that we are two, I am very grateful.

No doubt that some of you will be celebrating with two, and some as one. I’m sure that you too will be reminiscing of times when you were with your friends and family. As we have all said, this too shall pass and we will be having those great times again. My best wishes to all, wishing you a joyous holiday season, for this year and all the other years to come.





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