A friend recently asked me why I always list ‘kosher salt’ whenever salt is included as an ingredient in my recipes.

The simple answer is that I use kosher salt, and a specific brand of kosher salt, so that I am guaranteed consistent seasoning results in my recipes.

It is not to say that other salts are not good, it’s all what you get used to and so long as you consistently use the same brand of salt, you should get consistent results in your seasoning.

For instance, I used Morton’s salt for years and years, largely because my mother used Morton’s salt. But when I switched from pouring from the container to salting by hand from a small bowl, I found that I over salted because Morton’s salt is so fine.

I seemed to have more control with a grainier salt, like kosher salt. I also found that my seasoning became more consistent, and consistency is the name of the game.

If you switch brands because you find your regular brand or another brand is on sale, you take the chance of over or under seasoning your dishes and then wondering what went wrong.

Small things in cooking, and especially baking, make a big difference.

My advice, go with kosher salt and my choice is Diamond Crystal brand. I found that it is generally available in both Canada and the US, and it seems to be preferred by chefs.

A small tip with potentially large results.

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