Sound familiar? I usually say no except when it’s steak, or now fish, from fish and chips. I like steak sandwiches and fish tacos for lunch the next day.

We stopped for lunch at Kelseys in Markham after having run about a million errands and getting in and out of the car about thousand times (not exaggerating much here) and as I have said before, when it’s noon I’m hungry and this was closer to one.

Of course I can’t see anything on the menu that is out of the ordinary, but as usual, my husband spots something I’ve missed. This time Fish and Chips.

Kelsey’s is a middle of the road restaurant, mostly burgers and wings, but I have to say, they make really great Fish and Chips and really good ‘not creamy’ cole slaw. I asked if they made it in-house and was told the secret. Renee’s Sweet Onion salad dressing. This dressing is really good, I have had it on salads and have always loved it. Unfortunately so does everyone else as it’s not easy to find. I have even tried to make sweet onion salad dressing but somehow it is just is not the same.

As for the fish and chips. Different than most, crunchy batter, almost like fried chicken batter, not too thick and certainly not gloppy like some beer battered fish and chips can be.

I brought the fish home, reheated in the oven and converted left over fish into fish tacos. Great lunch.

Next time you should be lucky enough to eat at a restaurant (new restictions on indoor dining came into effect the day after we had lunch) and order too much, take it home and make fish tacos, yum!

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