It’s been a long time since I have made Mini Meatloaf Patties, (otherwise known in Hungarian as fasirt and pronounced as ‘fah-sheert’). It was a crummy, rainy, cool, gloomy day, and I was craving comfort food.

I’ve had the recipes for Meatloaf Patties as well as the Creamed Spinach in my cookbook ap for years, but I just had not completed either of these recipes to the final finished stage. And, in fact, last night, after I took the image in this post, I realized that I did not have all of the individual images I would need when linking the recipes to this post.

A few minutes of course turned into a few hours, as no recipe stands on it’s own.

You can serve Mini Meatloaf Patties with just Creamed Spinach, or serve the spinach as a side. I added some boiled potatoes tossed in butter and chopped parsley to make everyone happy. I even served ketchup on the side and for the first time ever, I tried it and it tasted great. Another adaptation of the original, but then everything changes and this particular change tastes great.

Give it a try…




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