Pork tenderloin is one of those meats that takes on whatever cuisine personality that you would like to give it. It can be French when served with a Diablo Sauce, or Sauce Chasseur, it can be Hungarian when served with a side of fresh yellow beans, or it can be Asian when served with a Hoisin Lime Sauce.

It’s preparation also changes its personality, it can be pan seared, breaded and fried as a Milanese adaptation, or it can be used in Indian preparations such as Goan Pork Vindaloo.

It is really is a meat that can also be totally transformed by its accompaniments. Left on its own and just sliced after grilling, a side of garlic Red Skinned Potatoes with Green Beans makes it a summer casual dinner, whether a week night meal or a meal shared with friends or family.

And then there are left overs, or the famous ‘two-fer’ recipes. There are far too many to mention so I will only include one I made recently. Remember that Red Onion Jam that I posted with the Seared Tri Tip Steak ? Well it came in handy for this lunch special.

And here you probably thought of the one recipe you always make using pork tenderloin, (and by the way, I am not working on behalf of the Pork Producers) , I just find pork tenderloin to be a good solution when I am stuck for something to cook.

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