Each season brings a bounty of beautiful flowering plants, but I find that the fall has more than others. Late August and early September produce big, beautiful blooms, and vibrant colors.

As I am one to decorate my dinner table when we have guests, I am usually on the lookout for something special when we are planning to entertain. I usually do not have any idea what this will be ahead of time and this time was no exception. I did have 3 new tiny containers that fit on my tiny table, but I needed something, and this time, something colorful to fill them.

The answer jumped at me when I saw a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of garden flowers. Something that you might see at a country market.  Often people with large gardens will gather up fists full of wonderful blooms and sell them in bunches at local farmer’s markets. These bunches made it to my local grocer.






As I have mentioned before, when creating flower arrangements, buy three times what you think will be enough, and this giant bunch was perfect for my three little pots.






And this was what was left after I filled my three little pots….better to have more than not enough!






I thought they looked great, short lived, but pretty nonetheless.

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