I’m not saying that you do, but if you have leftover roast beef from your Prime Rib dinner, here are some tasty ideas to think about.

Rare Dunkin'
This sandwich has to be one of my favorite next day sandwiches. It's best on a baguette that you have heated in a 350° F for 15 minutes before making the sandwich, which is topped with generous portions of rare roast beef and served with hot Au Jus for Roast Beef on the side. You will think you are sitting in an upscale steak house because the flavors are reminiscent of a great roast beef sandwich only available at a steak house.
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Yorkshire Tidbits
An equal favorite, but this is a little heartier and an excellent dinner option. I usually make this dish nestled in a giant Yorksire Pudding topped with chunks of rare roast beef and sautéed sweet onions and peppers and smothered in gravy. So good!
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Shepherd's Pie
This is another another hearty winter meal. This is usually from the less rare roast leftovers and is perfect to use up the mashed potatoes and other vegetables from a Sunday dinner. Amazing how much better it tastes with roast beef bits over ground beef. If you still have some left over after the Rare Dunkin' and the Tidbits, this is a sure bet.
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Steak Pizza
Well, why not? A new flavor and the beef does not have to be rare, in fact, it can be well done. The recipe calls for steak, but roast beef will work just as well.
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I don’t think that you will have enough to make all of these dishes, but all are delicious. Which is our favorite? That’s a tough question, but I would have to say the Yorkshire Tidbits.

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