I am always on the lookout when grocery shopping for that one outstanding cut of beef or the perfect lamb chops or the pork tenderloin that is impossible to pass up because it looks great, and the price cannot be beaten.

This time, beef ribs caught my eye. They were large, beefy, with very little fat and looked wonderful on the butcher’s meat counter. The price was a shock, but by then I was committed so I purchased the four that I had selected.

At this point, it was either split the meal over two days, or invite friends to share so that every morsel could be eaten and enjoyed.

And so, a very casual weeknight dinner evolved. Of course, I had to round out the main course with appetizers and a dessert.

This was our dinner, very casual and absolutely delicious. Comfort food on a cold winter’s night with good company.

Small Bites

Baked Fontina Garlic, Rosemary, and Honey
The combination of flavors in this Baked Fontina with Garlic, Rosemary, Honey, and Orange is different and delicious. A perfect small bite before dinner.
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Tasty Bits and Bites
I love making small nibbles when we're entertaining because I can usually create delicious and Tasty Bits and Bites from my fridge and pantry. In this case I created a tiny board with some German salami, Italian giardiniera, some savory biscuits I had left over and some American yellow mustard. Colorful, flavorful, and perfect with a glass of wine before dinner.
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Braised Beef Ribs
Braised Beef Ribs are the ultimate comfort food! Get the leanest possible beef short ribs and slow cook for 2 or 3 hours. Serve with a few boiled potatoes and some garlic pickles or even a side salad of Romaine and Bell Peppers for a perfect Sunday night dinner.
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Vanilla Custard Cream Cake
I am not a baker, but I can honestly say that this Vanilla Custard Cream Cake does not require any baking expertise. You must measure and follow the instructions, and if you do, you will have made the dessert I show on this post. There are many variations, I have included my two favorites.
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