Whole natural grains, such as farro, are not only good on the overall ‘skinny’ scale, but they are also delicious and easy to make.

So are grilled lamb rib chops. I prefer rib chops as they are more tender and tend to have less fat. They are also readily available at your supermarket.

To make these rib chops, just take a quick look at my recipe for Lamb Lolly Pops. The cooking method is identical.  I decided to switch up the seasoning for the lamb this time and used Garam Masala spice instead of the lamb spice rub I usually use. But you could omit both of these and just season the lamb with salt and pepper. I just thought that Garam Masala would complement the spices in the Warm Tuscan Farro Salad and its glorious dressing.

I made the same farro salad the previous week, and had plenty of the dressing left over, so added a couple of teaspoonfuls of the dressing to the farro to complete the dish. This was a good, leaner, weeknight dinner.

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