September is tomato and pepper season, but somehow this is not true this year.

We have been on the lookout for beefsteak tomatoes and Hungarian white peppers throughout August and this early part of September at our local grocer, our specialty grocer, and today, at our upscale grocer.

Our specialty grocer was displaying field grown tomatoes, but when you lifted them, some were showing signs that they were spoiling. Our local grocer simply did not have any tomatoes that I wanted to lift.

Our upscale grocer finally delivered, albeit $13 for 3 tomatoes! But…it satisfied that hunger for tomato sandwiches. We also found some Hungarian white peppers, finally, and I bought 4 peppers which will turn into either Stuffed White Peppers or Lecho. Both of these dishes are perennial favorites and if the ingredients to make them are not available, then all is not right with the world!

I hope that you have had better luck, if yes, then try some of these dishes while these incredible vegetables are available.


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